A few months ago I attended my very first clothes swap. It was by accident that I came upon it when I told a friend I would help her out on a vintage fashion show.

On arrival to the day I handed in my items to swap and was given 6 tokens (the amount of clothes i brought) to use to get my new finds from the swap.  After the Vintage Fashion show, as I perused around the stalls I noticed a big room full of endless racks of clothes and piles of bags, shoes and jewellery. A rummage’s dream!

They lined up all the racks, holding back the hungry woman as they eyed up the clothes and each other. Then upon a count down they let us at them. Woman literally ran to the racks and ripped clothes off them. It is a sight of madness that made me laugh from the hilarity of it all and a smidgen of fear. I did however get some a lovely pair of shoes, a dress and ring (also some panic grabs that will go in the next swap i go to) .

This event is run by Daisy Green Events who specialise in eco-friendly event management. Not only are they commissioned to do other organisations events, but they also run their own eco-friendly events regularly all over the country. One being the big swap, vintage and recycled fashion shows and more recently the designer clothes sale, which I happened to go to last night.

I was lucky enough to score a dress worth £129 for a total of £5, but I was not the only one. The idea behind the event is that they have a number of designer clothes that were not bought in the sales which were going to be put into the land fill. But instead of them going to waste Daisy Green has rescued them and are selling them for £5 each at these events.

It was a fantastic night as me and my house mate hopped around grabbing dresses and trying them on. It felt like I was a child playing dress ups in mum’s wardrobe. I was sold on a green dotted tea dress that was inspired by the 1940’s. After putting it on I felt like I could be standing by the front door waiting for my hubby to be come home from war.

When chatting to Nicola Alexander (one of the creators of Daisy Green) after the event I gushed to her about how much I love the Company and it’s ideas and that if she ever wanted to start a branch in Australia that I would be happy to help. To my surprise she was actually interested in the idea which got me very inspired. I could co-ordinate similar events in Australia, while writing for their online magazine all under the Daisy Green Name. Wouldn’t that be brilliant!

My thoughts developed into a little Aussie empire, combining daisy green events, an Aussie burlesque group (who could perform for some of the events) and the boulevard rouge boutique (which I could advertise on the online mag oh and my burlesque group could use clothes from the hire range).

I have also been inspired by a few other things I have seen lately. I saw an advertisement in a shop for a personal stylist that attires you in vintage clothes and cleans out everything from your wardrobe that just isn’t up to scratch. I like this idea, however I would build on it. For example they were charging £80 for an hour consultation which I find a bit pricey for starters. I would charge a fee but out of that fee they could claim it back in items from our boutique. Also we could alter existing clothes they have in their wardrobe.

For you see I have decided somewhere in my boutique we would have a work room that could be open to the public (upon booking a time slot) full of sewing machines and cutting tables. They could also purchase ribbons and buttons and fabric all of our own design (somewhat like kath kidson) to use in their projects. It would also be great to host workshops in this space.

I would also like to use daisy green (aus) online mag to promote local businesses and artists for their upcoming events or new ranges. Also offering competitions, available jobs and special offers.

So you see I have been very busy in my head. Now to put it into action.


Boutique Dreams

Some friends of mine are starting a new business called  Boulevard Rouge who specialise in 1950’s styled clothing for women. Not unlike that of Vivien of Holloway, they hope to start their own little vintage empire showing the world how to look like a women of the 50’s. Not only will they be having a lovely clothing range they also have a selection of accessories such as hair pins and flowers, along with a ‘hire’ range just if you wanted to vamp up your wardrobe for the night.

Their website is to Launch is 31st of June this year and I wish them all the best.  

There is a motive however behind me wanting the girls to do well. While they are UK-based and I will be going back to Aus at the start of next year, the girls have told me that if their business is a success that they one day want to open a boutique in Aus. And if they have that little boutique in Aus, who do you think they want to manage it? Me!

So if I had a boulevard rouge boutique this is what I would do….

I would have it adorned like a 1950’s housewife’s kitchen. like this but brighter and more over the top.

We would sell lovely little cupcakes and different flavoured ice teas in big colourful pitchers so you can be refreshed while trying on pretty dresses.

 We would also hold craft evenings where you can try on dresses, eat cupcakes and make accessories to go with your wonderful new outfit. Like these lovely flowers below by the wonderful violonjello. ( I have secret wishes for her to work with me at the boutique)

And at night we would serve naughty cocktails and have the 50′ housewife of the day turn into a saucy burlesuqe dancer at night.


We would also have Hair and Make-up workshops to fashion you to a tee! Along with a lovely little book that I hope miss Bunny Florentine and I can create to show you how to be a pretty in petticoats!

 I think it would be a lovely life, like playing dress up’s with your friends and being able to bake crazy cup cakes and drink tea every day. Would you come to a boutique like this? I hope you would, because it is a dream that could one day become a reality.

Swung 8

Tonight I am performing  a Burlesque piece at ‘Swung 8’ @ world headquarters in Newcastle. It is a night full of swing music and Lindy hopping. So it will be interesting to see how the crowd copes with two Burlesque numbers thrown in the  mix.

I have become very nervous when performing solos, which has really surprised me as I am known for being over the top and out there when it comes to confidence. But alas I am doubting every move and don’t get that satisfaction when I come off stage, just more doubt.

Lets hope all goes well tonight then. fingers crossed

Yesterday I was just feeling a little low. I think most people surrounding me yesterday were not shining their brightest. Unlike the sun however, who was out for all to see. Spreading joy to those able to frolic in her graces.

I knew that I wanted to be one of those happy people passing the window and felt that the boy could use with a bit of pepping up as well. So I resorted to a little treat that used to make me smile and forget my worries.  Which is also perfect for a day as beautiful as this. A picnic!

Picnics are such a wonderful idea in the perfect weather conditions. It is one of the ways I used to spend a sunny afternoon in the company of Bubs and Uptight. Putting together a collection of the wonderful and weird foods. Our favourites being Chunkies Pesto dip accompanied with brie cheese, sun dried tomatoes on watercress crackers. Settling down at Eastern Beach pretending we were full of sophistication, then 5 minutes after finishing our food grabbing a piece of cardboard we would toboggan down the hill.


Another rememberable picnic experience was when Breezer, Xav, Mitch, Farquah and I went on a road trip to have an ‘Extreme Beach Picnic’. The reason for its extremities are mainly for the distance travelled in a tiny car on a 47 degree day and Xav’s extreme version of picnic food. We got ready for the trip at Breezers house by preparing some travel marshmallow muffins, placing all our assorted food items in three different hampers and then adorning “funny hats” that fell out of the cupboard we got the hampers from. We all packed into our trusty mobile and set out for the beach which was about half an hour away.

When we found our prime position on a grassed area just above the sparkling sandy beach we unravelled the contents we had brought onto paper plates. The food was the picnic  usual assortment, salad, sandwiches, chocolate spiders and cupcakes. But our dear Xav took it t a whole new level producing Figs, Lemons, a grater to grate lemon zest, salmon, sprigs of dill and other such items. We rolled around laughing when he pulled out the greater, but we quickly stopped when he started constructing lovely delights for us to try.

oh and when we got back to the car we realised we didn’t have the car keys so we spent an hour looking for them. Thank you sexy life guard for finding the 🙂


Our picnic yesterday ‘bears’ quite a resemblance to the picture above. It was lovely and exactly what we both needed. I splashed out and went to M&S on my lunch break and bought some wonderful items for our picnic. Ready sealed glasses of Chardonnay, mini rolls, wholefoods salad shaker, hand cooked crisps, red grapes, toffee meringues and millionaires chocolate dessert.

After eating every last scrap of our picnic we laid back and relaxed. We talked but about nothing except our favourite types of crisps or about what book I was reading, or our 5 things we want to do before we die. Just forgot our stupid meaningless jobs and just enjoyed the sun.



I have had my fair share of shitty jobs and travelling experiences! I think it is now time to live the student life for the next couple of years. A thought that would have scared me a year ago, but now I am more than ready to do my fair share of projects and listen to lectures. After only really learning from ‘life experiences’ for the past 5 years my mind longs for some juicy new information. It longs for a challenge.

There are a few different areas that I am interested in and am currently looking for courses that intrigue me. I want to focus on Theatre, Fashion, TV/film and Design. All of these areas I feel I could  have interesting job prospects in and have enough variation for me not to go insane 🙂

The three at the top of my list at the moment are a Degree in Theatre Production, an advanced diploma in Theatre Production and either a Fashion Merchandise or Design course. 

The Degree in Theatre Production is a three-year course at VCA, who I think are being taken over by Melbourne Uni. Through the course I would tackle everything to do with theatre production though sound, lighting, stage management, set and costume design. And at the end of my third year my project would be to put on a full-scale production. The bonuses of this course would be the obvious degree and skills, but it is in the centre of Melbourne which is something that appeals to me very much. Also putting on my own show in Melbourne would be something that I would love to do.

The other Production course is only two years but does not amount to a degree, just an advanced diploma. It is at Ballarat uni which although it doesn’t have the big city feel to it, it does have the bonus of being the town my parents are from and where my grandparents live. It would be nice to have them so close as they are getting on in life. Would also mean a free bed if I needed it. This course focuses very heavily on the practice side and getting you into the workplace. I don’t know if they focus on set design and costume as much as the degree or whether they do the final year self devised production but they do seem to set you up for a career.

The Fashion courses would be at RMIT in Brunswick. Which would be fantastic location wise and it would be an exciting new venture for me. However it can be a hard industry to break into if I wanted to follow the design portion. The merchandising course looks more sensible in terms of a career paths as they do a lot of placements in the second year to get you into the industry.

I just feel that in every turn my life has taken I always end up at the theatre. So is it right to try to get a job in a theatre, gaining the skills also to put on many of my own productions. Or do I go and do something completely different?

I thought today would be just another lazy Saturday at work. I sauntered in to work with a box of 100 tetley tea bags under my arm to give us all a lift for the day. But to my surprise this caffeine lift was not needed.

As our theatre is in the heart of the city, so on the weekend we can be privies to markets, concerts etc. Today however there are three separate protests from three opposing parties. Police on patrol in mass numbers, skinheads wrapped in the english flags are rocking buses and giant signs line the streets.

We have little old ladies ringing up, scared to come to our matinée performance. We have been hanging out the windows as soon as we hear a loud yell and we are buzzing with a strange sense of excitement to see to what extreme scene will come next.

During a lull in the protest excitement we were reminded of the lovely chocolate birthday cake that had been sitting in the fridge. A forgotten birthday surprise that needed to be consumed by today. So with wide eyes we 6 devoured the lot through laughter and chocolate covered teeth.  

Then when you couldn’t think the day could be filled with anymore excitement someone suggested we should write a box office musical. This idea got bigger and better and before too long we were brainstorming on the whiteboard. Some songs that we are manipulating are ‘Good morning Baltimore’, ‘9-5’, ‘He knew me so well’ and ‘the cell block tango’. These songs translation would be ‘Good Morning Theatre Royal’, ‘working 9-8’,  ‘How can I tell’ and ‘Box Office Tango’.

Also here are some little exerts from our version of Gaga’s Telephone

“‘Cause There’s 5 in the Queue,
It’s a Booking Day Too,
And You’re not gonna reach my telephone!”

“Boy, the way you blowin’ up my phone
Won’t make me type no faster.
get your tickets faster,
or your vouchers  faster.
I shoulda took a holiday,
‘Cause this is a disaster!
Callin’ for a group booking –
Sorry, I cannot answer!”

We are trying to get this all done and dusted with full cast. words and songs by our christmas party. We will see how we go.

And another 6 Police Vans just streamed past our building. Looks like the fun won’t be over for a long time yet 🙂


It was my little kitty cats first birthday yesterday, so in true pampered pet style she had a flourish of presents and a cat cake waiting for her at home all wrapped in pretty pink paper.

She was treated to some new fetching balls which she played with happily. Almost killing herself as she grabbed the flying ball in mid air, forgetting she needed her hands to land and face planted to the floor. This didn’t stop her running around like a crazy cat for the next hour.

Her other presents included a new cat comb since she is malting all over the place, a packet of special snacks, some delicous cat milk and a week supply of grilled meat whiska pouches! What a happy kitty cat she was.

She also got three hour of cuddles from Kris before I got home which I think she loved. Although he got told off by me for this when I arrived home. Not because I was jealous but because just like a little child, if you don’t play with her first and tire her out she just runs a muck all night. Which she did quite happily 🙂


So Happy Birthday miss Pepper Pig.